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2002 Annual Treasure Hunt

Tests participants' knowledge of Gustavus

December 31, 2001

Sally Lesh teamed up this year with Wayne Howell to draft thirty challenging clues for the third annual New Year's treasure hunt. Fifteen teams, each with about four seekers, gathered at the Salmon River Bridge New Year's Eve day to get their briefing and clues. Then they scattered all over town to find the little squares of paper that would prove their prowess.

It took the entire four hours allotted to them, but many teams returned with most of the clues. The results ranged from 19 clues found to two teams who actually found them all. Most teams came in with only a couple clues missing.

Can you do as well? Click here to read the clues. The answers are also provided (click the yellow question marks -- no cheating!).

You can also read the clues from two years ago. If anyone has a copy of last year's clues, please send them to or call Nate Borson at 697-2313 and I'll add them to the archive.

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