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2004 Annual Treasure Hunt

Tests participants' knowledge of Gustavus

January 1, 2004

Sally Lesh wrote the clues for and Denise Healey organized the fourth New Year's treasure hunt with help from Laurie Ross. Ten teams gathered at Salmon River Park on a sparkling New Year's day to get their briefing and clues. Then they scattered all over town to find the hidden words that would prove their Gustavus savvy.

This year everyone seemed to agree that the questions and placement of the words was much harder than in prior years. No one got all the questions answered. The winning team scored 35 points (2 points possible for each question) out of 50 possible. Their 8 members split the $50 cash prize.

Treasure Hunters gather to get their clues and instructions from Denise Healey. The questions (click to enlarge) by Sally Lesh The Answers (click to enlarge) Group photo of winning team

Can you do as well? Click the questions page above to read the questions. The second page has the answers (the second column is the word hidden at the specified location).

Prior Treasure Hunts:

December 31, 2001

January 1, 2001 (Does anyone have a copy of these clues? Please send them to or call Nate at 697-2313 so I can post them).

January 1, 2000 

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