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Values and Vision Statement

Values and Vision Statement of Gustavus, Alaska

Definition and Process

How do we develop a plan for Gustavus? How do we organize all the various wants and needs the community
feels are important? A planning process is divided into stages that build on each other. A plan starts with the
broadest ideas and ends with very specific tasks. Here is a description of the basic approach the committee used
and includes identification of Values, Visions, Goals, and Projects.


Values are things, tangible or intangible, that are important to us. Most of us live in Gustavus because it
offers us a particular way of life. It offers tangible things like clean air, access to Glacier Bay National
Park, or beautiful scenery. Intangible values include things like a close knit community, a sense of
safety, or a slower life pace. All of us have unique personal values, but we also have many in common.
The values identified by the community were grouped into 4 general categories and were re-stated as


Visions are descriptions of desired future conditions for Gustavus. They include things we want right
now as well as over the long term. They are generally broad statements without much detail. If you think
about the classic journalist’s “checklist” used to write a good story, it includes the What, Where, How,
Why, When, and Who about an event. Visions are the Whys…why are we planning anything for our
city? Following are the Visions the committee refined from all the community’s value statements:

Gustavus Vision Statement

We envision a distinctive community…
A…. that prospers while, and by, protecting its natural resources.
B. … with a sustainable economy and infrastructure that assures public health and safety and promotes
personal development and initiative.
C. … where all members take social responsibility and actively participate in decisions affecting growth,
development, regulation and enforcement.
D. … in which people can retain a closeness with, and caring for, each other individually and
collectively, and work together to accomplish community goals while preserving community traditions.

Gustavus Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan builds on the vision statement by setting forth related goals and projects. It is an attempt to answer the question, "how do we realize our vision?" More...

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