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The Finance Committee is involved in the management of the Gustavus Endowment Fund, working with Committees through the budget process, and is the advisory committee for all things fiscal and budgetary. As of 10/9/2013 this is a non-functioning committee. We would like to encourage community members to re-establish this committee.


See the full text of the committee's enabling ordinance.  Formerly known as the Investment Advisory Committee.

Committee Members:

  • Contact Information

Contact any committee member directly with your questions or comments, or use one of these methods:

  • Phone  907-697-xxxx
  • E-mail  staff: xxxx
  • E-mail the entire committee by filling out the contact form...
  • Postal mail:
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Gustavus, AK 99826


  • Bylaws
  • Resolutions, ordinances, policy and procedure
  • Budget
  • Reports
  • Planning
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