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Road Committee

The Road Committee oversees the maintenance, plowing, and other issues related to City roads.


The Road Committee oversees the contracts for maintenance (grading, gravel application, brush cutting, culvert installation, etc.) and snow plowing of city roads and public parking areas.  Request for Quotes are issued once a year for non-winter road maintenance and once for winter plowing.


ROAD-SIDE BRUSHING - the brush on the sides of the roads was recently cut with the City brusher.  The reason for this was that two children were almost hit going out onto the road in two different parts of town.  The Road Committee Chair made the decision to have the roads brushed.  We appreciate your cooperation in  taking care of the downed brush on your property in a timely manner.

It is the responsibility of the adjacent landowner to keep the right of way of his/her property reasonably clear of brush and other growth along the road to maintain a safe visual area for traffic and pedestrians.  It is also essential for winter road maintenance and protects state and local service equipment from damage.

Now that the brush has been cut, please do your part to maintain good visibility for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians.

We apologize that we could not give you advance notice so that you could have done this yourselves.  In the future, we will try to give you the opportunity to do it yourselves.  Thank  you!


Building a new road in Gustavus?  Be sure to review the New Road Construction Quality Standards.


See the full text of the committee's enabling ordinance.

Committee Members:

  • Sean Mattson, Chair
  • Abigail Calkin
  • Amy Youmans

Contact Information



Meeting time, location, and agenda are posted at least 5 days in advance on the City's bulletin boards at the Post Office, the Library and at City Hall.  Road Committee meetings are open meetings, and we encourage all interested parties to attend. 

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