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Business Permits/Sales Tax/Reseller Certificates

City of Gustavus Tax Forms, Business Permits and Reseller Certificates

Page FAQ - Sales and Room Tax
File Business License fillable form
File Application for Reseller Certificate (Tax Exempt Card)
Use this form to apply for a sales tax re-seller certificate under section 4.15.020 of the City of Gustavus sales tax ordinance.
File Tax 1 form - Retail sales and Room tax
Retail and Room Tax Reporting Form. Unless other arrangements have been made with the City Clerk, the tax returns are due quarterly, by the last day of the month following the end of the reporting quarter. (i.e., Jan-March due April 30th). A 5% penalty will be assessed for every month that the return is filed and paid late. The City of Gustavus assesses a $25 NSF fee for all returned checks. (HINT: the Calendar Year and Month/Quarter fields are on them for more options).
File Tax2 form - exemptions
If you are reporting any exemptions on your quarterly Tax 1 form, you are required to fill out and return this form. If a return is received with claimed exemptions but no accompanying Tax 2 form, the accompanying tax return will not be considered to be submitted until the Tax 2 exemption form is received. A penalty will be assessed if the Tax 2 form is not received within the month that the quarterly Tax 1 form is due. To view City of Gustavus allowed exemptions, please view Ordinance 4.14.040
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