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Policy and Procedures Template

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Use this form to create a new policy Replace this with a short description of the policy

Template instructions: Delete this paragraph of instructions when you are done with them. Replace the example text throughout this document with your own text. This includes the chapter number, policy title, section number, and citations as well as the sample policy and procedure below.

Policy is a general statement establishing what is to be done. Example:


The City Council shall establish boards, commissions and committees as needed to accomplish the work of the City.

Committees shall be staffed with a cross section of the community to the maximum extent possible.


Procedure is a description of how the policy will be carried out. Example:

Boards, commissions and committees will be established by resolution. City Departments will be established by ordinance.

The Mayor will appoint members to committees with approval by the City Council.


Internal draft:
Final draft presented at City Council meeting:
Adopted via resolution:
Reference to City of Gustavus Municipal Code:
City of Gustavus, Alaska Policies and Procedures
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