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Title 4

Revenue and Finance

Page 4.04.040D Annual Planning Policy
Directs city entities to create annual operating and capital budgets and annual work plans.
File Budget Calendar
Spreadsheet showing the dates in the annual budget cycle
Page 4.04.040 Work Plan, Budget and Scoping Forms
Directs committees to utilize work plans, budgets and scoping forms
Page 4.13.090 Endowment Fund Grant Policy
Providing for solicitation of proposals and distribution of portion of grant earnings
Page 4.04.040 Capital Project Planning and Development
Outline of specific tasks to be performed in planning and development of capital project
Page 4.12.010 City Banking Policy
Establishes minimum limits in checking and savings accounts
Page 4.14.220 Disbursement of Room Tax Monies to the GVA
Creates method for calculation and distribution of 50% of room tax money collected to Gustavus Visitor's Association
File Policy on Submission of Grant Propoals and Capital Requests of $5,000 or Greater
File Policy on Submission of Small Grant Proposals
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