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File Capital Budget Worksheet
Use your Annual Work Plan to make this list of all the year's one-time expenditures.
File Capital Purchase Request
Use this form for a one-time purchase of an item or service. Use the Project Scoping Form for a more complex project with multiple items and/or services.
File Project Scoping Form
Use this form to plan a project and prepare for a grant application. Use the simpler Capital Purchase Request form if you just want to buy a single item or ...
Page 4.14.220 Disbursement of Room Tax Monies to the GVA
Creates method for calculation and distribution of 50% of room tax money collected to Gustavus Visitor's Association
Page 4.13.090 Endowment Fund Grant Policy
Providing for solicitation of proposals and distribution of portion of grant earnings
Page Capital Request
How to request funding for a one-time project or purchase
Page 4.12.010 City Banking Policy
Establishes minimum limits in checking and savings accounts
File Application for Appointment to Committees and Boards
Submit this form to the city clerk to be considered for appointment or re-appointment to one of the city boards, commissions, or committees.
File Committee Request for Agenda Item
Submit this form to the city clerk to have your committee's item added to a city council meeting agenda.
Page 3.03.070 Employee Payment and Earnings Policy
Creates payment schedule and salary rate
Page 2.40.250 Conduct of the Planning Committee
Direction for the Strategic Planning Committee, renamed the Planning Committee
Page 2.40.030 Fair and Open Access and Competition Policy
Providing for fair and open access and competition in the utilization of all features and facilities controlled by the City of Gustavus
Page Policy and Procedures Template
Use this form to create a new policy Replace this with a short description of the policy
File Annual Private Vessel Registration Form
Register your private boat for use at the Gustavus Dock floats and Salmon River boat harbor.
Page 4.04.040 Work Plan, Budget and Scoping Forms
Directs committees to utilize work plans, budgets and scoping forms
Page 4.04.040 Capital Project Planning and Development
Outline of specific tasks to be performed in planning and development of capital project
File City of Gustavus Employment Application
File Annual Work Plan Form - Editable
Blank AWP in Microsoft Word format
Page Annual Work Plan
Instructions for completing the AWP, whereby each city entity specifies what it will do each fiscal year
File Annual Work Plan Form - Printable
Blank Annual Work Plan suitable for printing out and filling in with a pen
Page 2.40.030(c) Naming of Public Places and Infrastructure
Policy regarding naming or rename public places and infrastructure
Page 2.40.150 Writing the Strategic Plan
Guide to compiling the Strategic Plan
Page 2.40.150 Role of the Strategic Planning Committee
Role of the Planning Committee
Folder Forms
Forms for submission to the City of Gustavus
Page 2.40.030A Gustavus City Council Involvement in Public Issues
Concerning what issues the Council will become involved in