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City of Gustavus E-Mail

How to use the city's electronic mail system

Electronic Mail

Official city e-mail is recorded and open to the public with the exception of certain sensitive communications subject to the rules of executive session. According to city policy, all official city communication shall be addressed or copied to a city e-mail address so it is added to the public record.

To Send Messages

If you have official city communication to send, either

  1. Click on the recipient's name in the table below and fill out the contact form; or
  2. Click on the address to compose a new message in your e-mail program. Note: To prevent bulk commercial e-mail, only certain recognized senders are permitted to send messages to these addresses. If you are not listed in the city's e-mail directory you will need to use the first method.
  3. Optional: If you are an allowed sender you may add the addresses to your e-mail program's address book for easy future use.
  4. Important note: All correspondence sent to the city becomes a public record unless it is subject to specific privacy restrictions (i.e. tax returns. Messages sent to the addresses below are automatically published for public viewing on the web so keep this in mind when writing.
Recipient Address For City Staff (address as it appears in Microsoft Outlook)
City Council CityCouncil
Strategic Planning Committee CityPlanners
Marine Facilities Committee CityMarine
Disposal and Recycling Committee CityDRC
Lands Committee CityLands
Library Board CityLibrary
Road committee CityRoads
Finance Committee CityFinance
Gustavus Community Network CityGCN
Fire Department Committee CityGVFD
Parks and Recreation Committee CityParks

To View the Record

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