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Draft Site Plan

Organization of all community information into categories and sub-categories

This draft of the site plan was proposed to the city by Corvid Computing and is still open for discussion. See also: a graphical representation of this plan.

All Pages

  • Navigation (including link to Home)

  • Search

  • Feedback/Contact us. Address/phone #?

  • About this site link

  • City logo, rotating picture


The Gustavus Home Page,, a replacement for the GCN home page and city home page, is intended to be a portal to all things Gustavus (not just city government). We encourage people to set this as their home page. Http:// would redirect here.

  • Brief description of Gustavus

  • Upcoming Events

  • News and Announcements (from news forum)

  • Items recently added or modified

  • Quick links (i.e. FAQ)

  • Most popular

  • Top story/feature

  • Weather, tides

  • Feature archive



  • Longer description of Gustavus with links to more information. Complement and link to Wikipedia (rather than duplicating information)? See also the AK Community Information Database. Highlight the Strategic Plan, which has a great community description.

  • Links (goes to Open Directory Project)

  • More weather

  • Community Directory (for organizations without web sites)

  • Hours of Operation

  • Maps

  • Neighbors

  • City Owner's Manual




Visitor Information

  • Paragraph on visiting Gustavus

  • Links

    • GVA, dmoz,

    • NPS

    • Aviation: Alaska Airlines, Air Ex, Wings, LAB, Juneau airport telephone directory

    • State Ferry


City and non-profit organizations, committees and departments provide a range of services to the community and should be listed in this section. All services should have a common organization and structure plus any unique or notable information. Blank pages/elements would exist but would not be published (would not be visible without logging in to the CMS). Assume all services listed below use the Generic Service Template. Only information unique to that service is listed individually in this draft site map (the site map on the CMS would have all the sections for each service).

Generic Service

Home page

  • Paragraph explaining the service with link to “more information about this service.”

  • Service highlights

  • What’s new/link to forum

  • Calendar/upcoming events

  • Hours of operation

  • Links to the rest of the elements

  • Photo (possibly rotating) with link to more photos in gallery


User Manual


  • Gallery


Link to the committee page if the service is governed by a committee of the city, otherwise have a page here explaining who's in charge, how decisions are made, and any of these other topics that apply:

  • Meetings: Schedule, agendas, minutes

  • Committee members, bylaws

  • Planning, projects, budget, reports, issues

  • Links to relevant resolutions, ordinances, policy, and procedure.

Contact Us

  • Phone, fax, mailing address, physical location

  • e-mail submission form

  • Link to committee members under Governance

  • Forum

Support Us


User manual

  • Information Sheet

  • Rates

  • Recycling Guide

  • Community Chest – what it accepts


Home Page

  • My Account (link)

  • Network status

  • Help desk (link)

  • Sign up for service (link)

User Manual

  • Broadband access locations

  • Rates

  • Accounts

  • Help Desk

City Hall/Clerk

Or maybe this belongs under governance? Maybe services should instead list some grouping of services available at City Hall such as notary public?


Include a helpful guide to other services here, including commercial services (link to open directory).


Library Materials (unique category)

  • Electronic Files - whoa!

  • Online Resources

    • SLED, Database for Alaskans, Groliers

    • Gustavus School

    • Librarian's Picks – needs overhaul?

    • Free Windows Software (currently linked from GCN page)

User Manual

  • Library Use

    • Computer Information

    • Policies

  • Help

  • How to use the internet

Information Services

  • Computer Help

  • Library Systems

  • Content Management

Repeat for other services…


Home Page

  • City Hall hours and location

  • Upcoming Meetings (link to agendas, time/location)

  • Hot news – current RFPs, upcoming major things to be voted on, upcoming elections, etc.

  • “Most requested” or “Quick Links,” i.e. sales tax form

  • Contact Us


  • Links to council meeting agendas/minutes

  • Members and terms (include their seat number - 1-7)


Need to decide what calendar(s) there will be. Community, definitely. There could also be ones for individual services, committees, etc. i.e. Clinic, GVFD (already requested), City Hall, Library meeting room. Maybe there is an application that allows combining calendars, tagging events, and filtering views.

Municipal Code


Policy and Procedure


  • Sales tax

  • Tax exempt

  • Absentee ballot request


  • Prominent link to service(s) provided by the committee
  • Meetings: Schedule, agendas, minutes

  • Committee members, bylaws

  • Planning, projects, budget, reports, issues

  • Links to relevant resolutions, ordinances, policy, and procedure.


  • Sales tax forms, due dates

  • Tax exempt form

  • Absentee ballot process

  • Elections

  • E-mail form for other questions?


  • Naturalist

  • Gustavus News

  • etc

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