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Library Computer Use

A starting point for the public use computers at the Gustavus Public Library

What would you like to do with the computer?

Check E-Mail | Browse the Internet | Search | Print | Scan | Look up a book ... or learn more about the library computers by reading on.


The Gustavus Public Library has a network of Windows® computers for patron and staff use. The design and operation of the computer system is guided by the Library's Technology Plan. The Library Technology Advisory Committee (LTAC) drafted the plan and advises the Library Board in technology matters. Contact LTAC at

Click on one of the following links for more information.

For Everyone: Public-Use computers, electronic mail, Internet, training, electronic files, etc.

For Collaborators: The library's computer system is intended to enable activists and information providers to collaborate, communicate, and publish their information on-line via the library's electronic files and web site.  Collaborators communicate using the library's e-mail lists and computer accounts.

For Librarians: Computer information specifically for librarians.

For Administrators: Technical information for those who maintain the computer system and for those who are merely curious about how things are set up.

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