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Inter-Library Loan (ILL)

A guide to obtaining materials that Gustavus Public Library does not own. These items will be sent from another library through Inter-Library Loan program through Anchorage Public Library.


Always check our card catalogue first before searching other libraries.  Look under author, title and subject. We may have a similar book on a given subject that would meet your needs.

Remember: OVERDUE FINES for ILL BOOKS ARE $1.00 per day.

Books that have just been released and movies can not be inter-library loaned.

Mailing Costs

We would greatly appreciate a donation to help defray the cost of mailing back ILL books. Increasing postage charges makes the average cost per book @ $2.63 in state and $4.00 out of state. Thanks!!!

Directions - 2 methods available

1. E-mail - the sites suggested below have an email button that will transfer all the information needed for sending book to Gustavus library. Patron name and contact need to be added and then send to librarians email. you can find librarians email posted around library's computers.

2. Write it up - find the simple form on front desk. Information needed Name, Contact method, Title, Author, ISBN or ASSN #

To find title or browse items:

1.      Search  ALNCat - Alaska Library Network Catalog to find the item wanted.  

Be careful--misspellings will send you to item not found or to the wrong item.

2.       Make sure the book or other material is what you want. For example, check the copyright date, the edition and other notes such as...Large Print..... Sound recording etc., before making your final selection.

3.      Search on Novelist for suggestions or series order,

4.      Search Anchorage Public Library

5.       use sites email button or write out  Patron name, Contact information, Title, Author, ISBN or Assn #, and date in Writing or by email  --  to obtain item.


7.   Ask the librarian at desk if you need help or have a question.


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