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Gustavus Community Network

Strengthening our community by connecting the people of Gustavus

GCN is the municipal Internet Service Provider owned and operated by the City of Gustavus, Alaska offering the only local dial-up Internet access and limited broadband service. More about GCN...

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Network News

Volunteer network administrator Nathan Borson repairs wireless equipment in a treetop on a dark and stormy night.

Help Desk

Please report any difficulties with the Gustavus Community Network to (if your e-mail is working) or call administrator Corvid Computing at 697-2810 (if it is not).

Payment Information

Please pay online by signing in to Your Account. There you pay by credit card or checking account. Your payment will be credited immediately to your account and you can even choose to pay your monthly balance automatically!

You may still pay by check payable to Gustavus Community Network

Mail to:

Gustavus Community Network
PO Box 1
Gustavus, AK 99826.

Prepaid cards are in the works for those who do not wish to pay by credit card.


Please see GCN Pricing for current rates.

To Sign Up

Sign up online. For assistance call Corvid Computing at 697-2810.
See our member policy for more information.

When your account has been activated, configure your computer to work with the new connection.

Contact Us

  • or 697-2810 for general questions including technical support and customer service
  • or 697-2810 for questions about your invoice, payment, rates, or account balance
  • or 697-2810 for advanced technical support, network configuration, or abuse complaints
  • See the GCN board page to contact board members about policy questions.
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