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GCN Setup

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How to configure your computer to work with the Gustavus Community Network

Basic Network Settings

No matter what kind of computer or software you are using, you need the following basic information to use the Gustavus Community Network:

User Name: This is the name you specified on your sign-up form. Example: nborson

Password: From your sign-up form. Maximum of 8 characters. Note: call GCN administrator Corvid Computing at 697-2810 if you don't know your user name or password.

Phone number: Call 697-2345 for dial-up access. For broadband access see the broadband FAQ.

E-Mail Address: The address of the GCN mailbox that comes with your account is  Example: -- Some members use a forwarding service or web-based mail, so they have different e-mail addresses. You can add two additional e-mailboxes to your account (with separate usernames and passwords) by logging in to your account.

Servers: Your incoming (POP3 or IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers are both . This server is both POP3 and IMAP; you choose which protocol to use -- POP3 for simplicity or IMAP to keep your messages on the server. Note that if you wish to use an outgoing mail server outside Gustavus you must ask for it to be listed as a trusted mail server by sending a message to

If you are using Windows XP's Connection Wizard, click here for step-by-step instructions.


Step-by-step instructions:

  • If you are using a Netscape mail program, click here to continue.
  • If you are using Microsoft Outlook Express, click here to continue.
  • For all other mail programs such as Eudora, consult your program's documentation about how to change your settings as shown under Basic Network Settings, above.
  • Note: many mail programs require that you exit them completely and then re-start them for your changes to take effect.


Perform your troubleshooting in the following order. It won't do any good to adjust your mail program settings if you can't even connect to the Internet!

Can't connect to the Internet

  • In Windows 95, 98, ME, or 2000, open My Computer, then Dial-Up Networking.
  • In Windows XP, Click Start - Control Panel - Network and Internet Connections - Network Connections.

Consider deleting any unused connections to reduce confusion. Then Right-click on the connection you use for dialing into GCN and choose properties. Check that you are calling 697-2345. That's really the only setting that needs to be right. While you're here, you can check your network settings. Speed up your connection time by using only the TCP/IP protocol. Click on TCP/IP Settings or Properties. Obtain all settings automatically. Shown below is how this looks in Windows XP. Other versions of Windows will appear somewhat different.

Dial-Up Connection Properties - NetworkingDial-Up Connection Properties - TCP/IP Settings

95% of all connection problems are account or password problems. Check your user name and re-enter your password, making sure the CAPS LOCK key is not on (unless your password is all upper case -- case does matter in passwords). If you still receive "Bad user name or password" errors, call GCN administrator Corvid Computing at 697-2810.

Sometimes there are problems with dialing. When you place a call, you should hear your computer dial seven digits, then you should hear the abrasive squeal of modems negotiating the connection. If you don't hear these things either your speaker is turned off or you are dialing incorrectly. Check your dialing rules or disable using dialing rules to prevent your computer dialing something like 1-907-697-2345.

Can't get my GCN e-mail

Check your account settings. A useful diagnostic tool is Mailman. Go there and enter your user name, password, and server ( If this doesn't get you into your mailbox, you need to re-check your user name and password. If you continue having problems, call GCN administrator Corvid Computing at 697-2810.

After using Mailman to verify that your account is OK, you need to check your e-mail program's settings to make sure that the same settings you put into Mailman are also in your e-mail program.

In Outlook Express, click Tools - Accounts. Go to the mail tab. Delete any unused accounts. Edit the remaining account that you will use for GCN, or add one if you don't have an account in the list. The settings or properties for your GCN mail account should look something like the screens shown below. Instead of nborson, use your own user name. Note: these screens are from Outlook Express version 6. The appearance will be slightly different in other versions, but the information is the same.

Outlook Express mail account settings - general Outlook Express mail account settings - servers

In Netscape Messenger (the program that comes with Netscape Communicator), go to Edit - Preferences. The layout is different, but in the mail section of the settings, put in the same information as that shown above. Be sure to click the "servers" button to enter the incoming and outgoing servers See step-by-step instructions...

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