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Community Planning

Protecting our community by thinking ahead

The City of Gustavus Strategic Planning Committee works to establish overall goals and priorities for the community via strategic planning and to improve the transparency, accountability, and efficiency of city government through the annual budget process and policy and procedure.

What's Happening?

The Planning Committee will review and organize city government policy and procedure.

Planning Services

  • Long-Range planning establishes values, vision, goals, and projects on a 5-year timeframe via the Strategic Plan.
  • Capital Project List is a regularly updated list of one-time city or community projects that are planned, in progress, or recently completed.
  • Annual planning involves each year creating and reviewing work plans and capital and operating budgets for each city entity.
  • Policy and Procedure is a framework for consistent, efficient decision making and operations.


These planning services are provided by the City of Gustavus Strategic Planning Committee.

Contact Information

Visit the Strategic Planning Committee page for contact information.
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