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Gustavus FY2014 Capital Requests

Capital projects submitted to Alaska legislature for funding in FY14

These are the projects the Gustavus City Council approved on January 10, 2013 for submission to the Alaska legislature. A number of other projects submitted to the city did not gain approval. Click on the project name to see the entire submission. 

TPS # Priority Project Name Description Total Cost
60006 1 Design and Build Model Last-Mile Community Broadband Network Build a city-owned hybrid fiber-coax network serving the entire community. $2,433,345
60012 2 Develop a Comprehensive Solid Waste Management and Facility Plan Plan for the long-term efficient and environmentally responsible processing of its waste stream. $70,000
60017 3 Build a Public-Use Restroom at the Gustavus Beach  Build a public-use restroom at the Gustavus beach. $73,725
60023 4 Build a Dedicated Pedestrian/Bike Trail Lane Along the Gustavus Road Build a dedicated pedestrian/bike trail lane along the Gustavus Road between the Gustavus airport and Good River corner. $800,000

Note: Project scoping forms and additional details for the bike trails and DRC planning projects were unavailable at time of posting.

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